Many builders are finding themselves facing class action lawsuits due to problems with stucco homes developing leaking windows and doors, followed by rotting frames and mold.

Introducing the patented E-Z Bead® plaster stop.
E-Z Bead® is designed with a built-in strip for straight and uniform spacing around window and door frames or any other point where stucco meets a dissimilar material (e.g., soffits, fascia board, etc.). This flexible spacing strip is lined with a bond breaking tape that allows for two-sided adhesion, which eliminates the need for backer rod. Simply apply caulk for a quicker, cleaner, finished product.

“I would like to thank E-Z Bead® for making life easier by eliminating a major concern for builders.  Since we have been using E-Z Bead®, we have had nothing but success!"
                 - Leonard DelGrippo Jr., President,
                   DelGrippo Enterprises, Inc.